Good Written English

If you are looking for a confidential, professional editing service, send your documents to GWE.

Sending files


Send your documents as e-mail attachments. Nowadays, Microsoft Word documents are standard. For other possible file formats, please enquire.


Note that for optimum consistency in spelling etc., an article or thesis is best sent as one continuous document rather than being broken up into several files. Ideally, tables and figures should also be included in the main document.

The formatting of the text is up to the author(s), but it is always good to remember that Serif fonts (fonts with "tails") such as Times New Roman are generally considered to be easier to read than Sans Serif fonts such as Arial, Calibri, and Tahoma. Line spacing is also an important consideration, with 1.5-line or double spacing being kinder to the reader than single spacing.

Time required